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The availability of professional human resources (experts, high work ethics, and trustworthiness) in order to achieve resource efficiency, process optimization, and improve organizational performance, especially in implementing the right strategies and policies is a necessity for every organization. In order to support the HR development strategy that has been implemented, SEM Institute provides motivational and management training services as well as other training according to the need assessment. Several types of SEM Institute training include:

PRIMA - Program Pengembangan Pribadi Amanah/ Trusted Personal Development Program

Programs that are packaged through a religious approach to meet the needs of organizations/companies for the availability of trustworthy and professional human resources. This program is beneficial for branding as an institution/company supported by human resources who are trustworthy, honest, and have a high work ethic so that work problems and irregularities can be handled significantly.

SMART PLUS Training (Be Strategic & Metanoiac Person & Team Plus) - Achievable Personality Development Program

Programs to increase achievement motivation, mental leadership, and teamwork that are packaged interactively with a religious approach to meet organizational needs for the availability of professional human resources.

Other Training According to the Need Assessment