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The ability of businesses and public services to identify, formulate, and implement various strategies and policies is often influenced by a number of factors such as limited ability (competence, expertise, and experience). SEM Institute will help companies, public institutions, and governments to obtain excellent solutions in winning the competition or providing public services. Our services include consultation in problem formulation, problem-solving design, interpretation of study results, and strategic policy recommendations.

Organizational and Human Resources Design

The objective of the organizational design consulting service is to obtain an overall plan for management and organizational development which includes: organizational principles, master strategy, functional strategies and policies, organizational structure, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), and organizational programs (action plans). The target of this HR design consulting service is HR procurement (HR planning, competency standardization position analysis, recruitment, placement, and work orientation); human resource development (training, development, performance evaluation); rewards and punishments; as well as the integration and maintenance of human resources (motivation, job satisfaction, work discipline, work intensity, work communication, occupational health and safety, work conflict resolution management, and work counselling).

Decision Making Based on Analytical and Hierarchy Process

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a method that has been extensively used in the analysis of strategic policies for government and corporate or non-governmental organizations. AHP has the ability to model unstructured problems, solve quantitative and judgmental problems, and has been recognized as having a high level of validity/accuracy. With the Analytical Hierarchy Process approach, the services provided are consultation in policy formulation by weighting the importance of decision alternatives and determining the priorities of alternative decisions.

Strategic Planning/Strategic Management

The strategic management model is concerned with strategic surprises and the rapid development of threats and opportunities. This means that the approach will emphasize dynamic environmental predictions and external considerations in formulating and implementing organizational plans. Strategic planning/strategic management consulting services which include analysis of environmental conditions, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategy management will provide a number of benefits including: providing long-term direction for the organization, strengthening the company’s ability to prevent and resolve problems, produce strategic decisions resulting from the best available alternatives, identify organizational strengths, and help adapt to environmental changes.

Information System Management

Consulting services related to development up to the integration of an information system that is useful and relevant in making management decisions, both regarding routine decisions and strategic decisions.

Community Development

This program is designed to empower community groups. Designed to always involve and activate the target group in the implementation of development programs. Starting from the process of planning, actuation, to monitoring and evaluation. This program is also designed to build an organization that will become a forum for the activities of the target group both economically and socially. As a result, this community will become a driving force for activities in the community.

Management Review

The industrial constellation that continues to grow often raises various problems for the actors. Organizations that adapt quickly and succeed in overcoming problems that arise are usually because they have good self-assessment skills. But often, with a high level of activity, the core stakeholders of the organization are unable to find it and even then it triggers the emergence of disharmony between them. This service is provided to facilitate business entities jointly knowing the existing condition of the organization, finding the root of the problem, and obtaining strategic and functional solutions.